“Supercookies are legal, but I don’t think they should be.”

— Joe Barton —

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“Again, in Wag the Dog, war has to be declared by an act of congress. But if you go to war, you don’t have to declare war. You’re just at war and we did that, which is not legal.”

— Val Kilmer —

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“Not a problem kid or anything like that so when you’re in the legal system like that, it’s always hard on a person for the first time to go through some things like that.”

— Leonard Little —

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“I don’t plan on going back to legal work. I wanted an international career, and finance seemed to be where some interesting career opportunities were.”

— Nick Johnson —

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“Upon the Constitution, upon the pre-existing legal rights of the People, as understood in this country and in England, I have argued that this House is bound to revive the Petition under debate.”

— Caleb Cushing —

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“There are obviously legal restrictions on what you can do on TV in the States, as there are everywhere.”

— Dave Rowntree —

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“A free and open Internet should not have to be weighed down by legal challenges – its dynamism is essential to our economy.”

— Anna Eshoo —

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“I later spent… five to eight months in hospitals in New Jersey, always on an involuntary basis, and always attempting a legal argument for release.”

— John Forbes Nash Jr. —

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“I think that the proposed constitution is one of the European legal documents with the strongest social dimension I have seen since I began following European issues.”

— Jean-Pierre Raffarin —

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