“If you command wisely, you’ll be obeyed cheerfully.”

— Thomas Fuller —

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“Alliances and international organizations should be understood as opportunities for leadership and a means to expand our influence, not as constraints on our power.”

— Chuck Hagel —

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“IBM has taken a leadership role in this area and is prepared to be a technology partner with companies around the world to take advantage of these new developments.”

— John Patrick —

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“The Leadership Training Institute of America trains and equips young men and women to be leaders with high standards of personal morality and integrity.”

— Michael Burgess —

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“Actions, not words, are the ultimate results of leadership.”

— Bill Owens —

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“Most people associate command and control leadership with the military.”

— Margaret J. Wheatley —

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“Leadership in telecommunications is also essential, since we are now in the age of e-commerce.”

— Michael Oxley —

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“Character matters leadership descends from character.”

— Rush Limbaugh —

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“Leadership is influence.”

— John C. Maxwell —

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