“What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one is first their sensibility and tenderness second, their imagination, and third, their industry.”

— Salman Rushdie —

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“I’m an emotional sort of person in general and I have a vivid imagination, so I feel the whole spectrum of emotion strongly when I write.”

— Erin Morgenstern —

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“Dr. Einstein was not successful in school, but he found something in the air from his own imagination and his own brain power, and look what he did.”

— Eartha Kitt —

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“Use your imagination, and you’ll see that even the most narrow, humdrum lives are infinite in scope if you examine them with enough care.”

— Mark Haddon —

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“In rising financial markets, the world is forever new. The bull or optimist has no eyes for past or present, but only for the future, where streams of revenue play in his imagination.”

— James Buchan —

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“One is never fortunate or as unfortunate as one imagines.”

— Francois De La Rochefoucauld —

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“Many Nobel Prizes are awaiting good research to understand and explain the many mysteries of our bodies, such as the basic mechanism of memory or imagination.”

— John Cameron —

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“Our world faces a true planetary emergency. I know the phrase sounds shrill, and I know it’s a challenge to the moral imagination.”

— Al Gore —

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“Every view, and every object I studied attentively, by viewing them again and again on every side, for I was anxious to make a lasting impression of it on my imagination.”

— Karl Philipp Moritz —

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