“A lot of people into Tool, for some reason, are not interested in humor.”

— Maynard James Keenan —

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“A good sense of humor will get you everywhere.”

— Josh Bowman —

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“I love poking fun at myself. I have a rather mean sense of humor.”

— Alton Brown —

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“My parents armed me with an amazing sense of humor, and it’s what you need when, well, it’s what anyone needs in this world.”

— Warwick Davis —

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“You have to have a sense of humor about life to get through it.”

— Kesha —

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“There are two insults no human being will endure: that he has no sense of humor, and that he has never known trouble.”

— Sinclair Lewis —

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“Newspaper people, once celebrated as founts of ribald humor and uncouth fun, have of late lost all their gaiety, and small wonder.”

— Russell Baker —

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“The more I live, the more I think that humor is the saving sense.”

— Jacob August Riis —

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“Humor has become so cliche and boring that nothing’s funny anymore unless it involves something totally disgusting that offends somebody or makes them feel really uncomfortable.”

— Tom DeLonge —

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