“Reconciliation should be accompanied by justice, otherwise it will not last. While we all hope for peace it shouldn’t be peace at any cost but peace based on principle, on justice.”

— Corazon Aquino —

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“I hope to work with kids any way possible.”

— Jenna Bush —

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“For a person who promised hope and civility in politics, Mr. Obama has shown a borderline obsessiveness in blaming Mr. Bush.”

— Karl Rove —

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“All human wisdom is summed up in two words wait and hope.”

— Alexandre Dumas —

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“I think by now I have made it fairly clear that I am not very happy with the word hope. I don’t believe in people just hoping.”

— Aung San Suu Kyi —

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“Together we will build an America where hope is a new job with a paycheck, not a faded word on an old bumper sticker.”

— Mitt Romney —

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“I hope everybody’s had fun, because I’ve enjoyed my ride. I can tell you that. Now it’s time to step aside and let some other young kid come in and win. Hopefully, they will, too.”

— Fuzzy Zoeller —

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“I hope SeaWorld is exploring how, like Ringling, it can get out of the wild animal business.”

— Ingrid Newkirk —

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“I’m actually not a big fan of the word hope. I think it’s a depressing word. I don’t want to hope – I want to know. Like I don’t hope there’s a God, I know there’s a God.”

— Kelly Clarkson —

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