“Having bodyguards is just part of being famous, I think.”

— Dolph Lundgren —

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“I actually don’t feel famous.”

— Anwar Robinson —

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“I did my famous cabbage soup diet, so I was able to do it.”

— Ellen Burstyn —

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“Yankee Stadium, and the Yankees are so famous for Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, all of those guys.”

— Bert Campaneris —

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“I never wanted to be famous.”

— Dave Attell —

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“My idea of a good picture is one that’s in focus and of a famous person.”

— Andy Warhol —

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“My goal was not to be famous or rich but to be good at what I did. And that required going to New York and studying and working in the theater.”

— Shirley Knight —

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“I had a very famous trainer tell me once, ‘You can usually train a wild animal but never tame a wild animal, ever.’ They are always going to be wild, no matter what anybody says.”

— Jack Hanna —

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“You know, I’m a television personality. It’s not like I’m a famous hooker or something!”

— Brett Somers —

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