“Our family life was certainly not intellectual.”

— Douglass North —

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“If I had no family, my wife and I would lead a much more romantic and nomadic existence.”

— David McCallum —

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“I come from a massive family, and the youngest is twentysomething years younger than I am, so I grew up with children.”

— Vera Farmiga —

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“With all my fans I got a family again.”

— Tupac Shakur —

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“For all of those willing to help me start a family, I am flattered. I will let you know when I need your help.”

— Paula Abdul —

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“Rarely do members of the same family grow up under the same roof.”

— Richard Bach —

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“I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries.”

— Barack Obama —

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“In my particular instance, I came from a family that didn’t have anything. Everything I earned in life I made. Myself. With songs that I wrote.”

— Billy Corgan —

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“It was a source of shame for my family that I was in rock and roll, which is so blue-collar. It just isn’t done. And I felt it, too.”

— Liz Phair —

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