“Red Sox fans have been pushed to the brink over the years, but that’s how faith grows stronger.”

— Julianna Baggott —

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“Christians can bring peace to multi-religious Europe because we are able to understand the role of faith in the lives of other believers better than atheists.”

— Timothy Radcliffe —

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“I still have all the faith and love for my music and yet I’m still playing places for kids.”

— Juliana Hatfield —

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“No person I have ever met, not even the most righteous or pure of heart, has gone without those times when faith recedes in the busy-ness of life.”

— Mitt Romney —

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“My faith always has been and always will be important to me.”

— Aretha Franklin —

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“Men of Virginia, countrymen of Washington, of Patrick Henry, of Jefferson, and of Madison, will ye be true to your constitutional faith?”

— Caleb Cushing —

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“Intolerance betrays want of faith in one’s cause.”

— Mahatma Gandhi —

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“Duty cannot exist without faith.”

— Benjamin Disraeli —

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“I think that my preaching style and many of my ideas and ideals about faith are based in both Pentecostal and Baptist background.”

— T. D. Jakes —

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