“Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor.”

— Thomas Jefferson —

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“I always thought that one of the reasons why a painter likes especially to have other painters look at his or her work is the shared experience of having pushed paint around.”

— Chuck Close —

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“You’re creating an intimacy that everybody feels, that it’s their experience, not yours. I’ll never introduce a song and say, now this song is about ‘my’ broken heart.”

— Diana Krall —

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“I was so emotional. Choked up. I could hardly talk all day. I’ll be cleaning out my trailer and saying goodbye soon, realizing what a wonderful experience this has been.”

— Dennis Franz —

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“You can live your whole life in your brain and not experience what’s around you. You go crazy that way.”

— Fiona Apple —

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“It’s always good to get a smaller tournament under your belt so that by the time you get to the Slams, you have a lot of experience.”

— Serena Williams —

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“Wisdom and penetration are the fruit of experience, not the lessons of retirement and leisure. Great necessities call out great virtues.”

— Abigail Adams —

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“Never, for the sake of peace and quiet, deny your own experience or convictions.”

— Dag Hammarskjold —

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“Experience seems to most of us to lead to conclusions, but empiricism has sworn never to draw them.”

— Santayana George —

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