“Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.”

— Seeger Pete —

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“With my ministry of light, part of what I do is work on the California Alliance For Arts Education.”

— Sally Kirkland —

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“I think we were raised in a nice Texas Jewish family where education was the most important thing, and close behind that was the arts. It was emphasized and expected that we’d play piano.”

— Lisa Loeb —

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“The supreme lesson of any education should be to think for yourself and to be yourself absent this attainment, education creates dangerous, stupefying conformity.”

— Bryant McGill —

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“I have said it on several occasions, several times from this podium, that providing a quality education for our children is high on my priority list. I will not stop now.”

— Jane D. Hull —

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“Racism cannot be cured solely by attacking some of the results it produces, like discrimination in housing or in education.”

— Sargent Shriver —

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“Education alone can conduct us to that enjoyment which is, at once, best in quality and infinite in quantity.”

— Mann Horace —

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“Is education possibly a process of trading awareness for things of lesser worth? The goose who trades his is soon a pile of feathers.”

— Aldo Leopold —

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“I add this, that rational ability without education has oftener raised man to glory and virtue, than education without natural ability.”

— Marcus Tullius Cicero —

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