“Edie Sedgwick had a cool style she pushed the envelope for the time.”

— Taylor Momsen —

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“I may be the prat in the hat, that’s cool, but I drive an Aston Martin DB5.”

— Jay Kay —

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“Music is music, ultimately. If it makes you feel good, cool.”

— Prince —

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“That was cool and that sucked all at the same time.”

— Adam Savage —

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“Vince Vaughn is a genuine person, awesome guy. He’ll come to a lot of my shows. It’s not that often that you can meet someone as cool as Vince.”

— Dane Cook —

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“If I’m driving to L.A. and have anxiety about making the drive, if I’ve got Peggy with me, we’re cool.”

— Rita Coolidge —

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“For me the stunts are so cool, they’re one of my favourite things when we’re doing the film.”

— Rupert Grint —

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“If you meet a girl, you meet a girl. It’s normal, so if you exchange numbers, whatevs, it’s cool.”

— Zayn Malik —

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“You know, the diversity that America has is so special. It’s starting to really become a cool thing for young people.”

— Russell Simmons —

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