“Brilliantly lit from stem to stern, she looked like a sagging birthday cake.”

— Walter Lord —

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“Most of us can remember a time when a birthday – especially if it was one’s own – brightened the world as if a second sun has risen.”

— Robert Staughton Lynd —

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“I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt —

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“I hate birthdays. I thought that I only hated my own birthday, and then I realized that I hate my children’s birthdays too.”

— Samantha Bee —

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“With my wife I don’t get no respect. I made a toast on her birthday to ‘the best woman a man ever had.’ The waiter joined me.”

— Rodney Dangerfield —

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“Thirty was so strange for me. I’ve really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult.”

— C. S. Lewis —

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“I love photography. My boyfriend’s got a great camera, which I bought for his birthday.”

— Sarah Sutton —

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“I remember when the candle shop burned down. Everyone stood around singing ‘Happy Birthday.’”

— Steven Wright —

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“For my birthday my husband learned to cook and is cooking one day a week for me. But he only likes to do fancy dishes. So we end up with weird, obscure things in the refrigerator.”

— Cheryl Hines —

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