“Art is the child of Nature yes, her darling child, in whom we trace the features of the mother’s face, her aspect and her attitude.”

— Beck —

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“Patton was living in the Dark Ages. Soldiers were peasants to him. I didn’t like that attitude.”

— Bill Mauldin —

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“Even when I’m playing someone named Fat Amy, I’m all about confidence and attitude.”

— Rebel Wilson —

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“I film quite a bit of footage, then edit. Changes before your eyes, things you can do and things you can’t. My attitude is always ‘let it keep rolling.’”

— Terrence Malick —

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“My grandmother is this amazingly theatrical woman. She acted like a movie star, as far as looks and attitude, kind of like Susan Hayward.”

— Parker Posey —

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“Our attitude is that we want to cross over. You can’t go on making records just for your own hometown.”

— Cheryl James —

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“That attitude toward women as objects may have worked for the late Sixties, but it doesn’t do so now.”

— John Schlesinger —

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“Our new attitude is how can we put you in front of our customer.”

— Terry Semel —

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“Jazz in itself is not struggling. That is, the music itself is not struggling… It’s the attitude that’s in trouble. My plays insist that we should not forget or toss away our history.”

— August Wilson —

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